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11/26/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 10

November 26, 2010

Isaac — 558 grams

Molly — 670 grams

(Editor’s note: if you see a term you don’t understand, check the Glossary.)


This is the walkway between the hospital and the parking structure. I can't tell you how many times we crossed it. We are grateful to the Parent-to-Parent support group, which covered the cost of parking for parents of preemies on the ISCU. The parking costs alone over the nearly five months we were there would have been hugs.


You seem to be doing much better today. They’ve come way down on your O rate and level. Your blood sugars are still bonkers, but your head ultrasound form yesterday came back normal— Yay! They stopped your antibiotics because the ET cultures came out negative. Your little chest doesn’t seem to be working so hard today, which does my heart good. Today they’ll take an echocardiogram of your chest to see if you have a condition known as PDA — and open ductus between your heart and your lungs.


You are doing a bit better today. A little weight gain. Your rate is down and you are back on room air. You got a new isolette last night. Your blood sugars are still all over the map. Today, you will have an echocardiogram to look at your PDA and you may soon start getting some medicine to close it, which should make you feel better. Bath night.

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