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11/27/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 11

November 27, 2010

Isaac — 586 grams

Molly — 633 grams


A little perspective, please. A nurse put her hand next to Molly in this picture to give some perspective as to her size. If you look closely, you can see the little pink yarn bow that one nurse attached to the velcro at Molly's temple to show off her girly pride. The velcro tabs were attached with with tape so the bilirubin mask could be put on and taken off without constantly pulling on her skin, which was incredibly delicate. Her chest, stomach, arms and legs were wrapped in a Saran-like plastic to provide further protection and help retain moisture.


Not too much is new with you today. Your settings are about the same and you lost a little weight, but you didn’t go all the way down to where you had been. You are getting some blood and we are to get back the results on your echo. Your little keppie (Yiddish for head) is almost all healed and we can see now that you are a beautiful boy. Dr. Holtzman says you are doing wonderfully well. That’s a direct quote. Your bili level keeps going down, too. Once we get it way down, we will be able to put a blanket over you. Your nurse Marcy said you really liked that when she did it for a few minutes today.


Today you had to have your lines changed because the one in your tummy wasn’t letting them draw blood and they had to keep sticking your heel. So now you have a line in each arm and one in your head, which is kind of funny looking. Mardy put a little bow on your bili mask to show that you are a girl. The echo showed that your PDA is wide open, but Dr. Holtzman says it isn’t bothering you right now, so we are holding off on treatment. Dr. Holtzman says you are doing wonderfully well.

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  1. November 27, 2010 11:48 pm

    Such miracles! I am the Mom-Mom of 3 preemies and it is heart wrenching now I can barely comprehend what you went through 19 years ago…wow!

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