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11/29/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 13

November 29, 2010

Isaac — 573 grams

Molly — 557 grams

(Editor’s note: if you see a term you don’t understand, check the Glossary.)

Molly curled up in her isolette. It was difficult to be separated from them by the clear plastic box of the isolette, but we knew when they were there that they were doing relatively well. It was only the sickest babies that were moved out onto a radiant heat (or "Ohio") bed.


You are having a good day today — nice and peaceful. Your oxygen rate is way down.  You are getting more lipids and glucose. Your bili level went up a little bit, but nobody seems to be too concerned. Keep up the good work.


Today they traumatized you again. One of the lines into your arm wasn’t in right, so they had to redo it. You look so vulnerable out on the Ohio table (radiant heat bed) — so small and helpless. But when I put my finger in your little hand, you squeezed it tight and your oxygen saturation went way up. Daddy’s been holding your hand like that since you were born. We brought the camera in and took a bunch of pictures today. That’s the good thing about the Ohio bed — no walls between us. You got your second dose of Indocin today and you seem to be tolerating it well. It was very scary for me to watch them move you from the Ohio bed back to the isolette. I hope they don’t have to change your lines again too soon.

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