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11/30/10 — Our NICU Journey Day 14

November 30, 2010

Isaac — 612 grams

Molly — 682 grams

Editors’s Note: Today is the last day of Prematurity Awareness Month. Please click on the link to the left and see how you can help preemies by contributing to the March of Dimes.

This is me, writing in one of the journals that I am now posting here. Sometimes it felt like keeping those journals was all I could do for Isaac and Molly — that and pump breast milk every two hours. Fortunately, we have no pictures of me at the pump.


More scary stuff.  Your lungs look cloudy and you are back on antibiotics.  They think you may have an infection.  Your gases are still good, but they heard your heart way on the right — not good.


They moved your isolette to the back of the room today. I hear they are going to move Isaac into this room. You’re also going to get a new isolette tonight. This is the third day of your Indocin treatment and you are doing well. You keep peeing, and that’s what you need to do. They didn’t hear your murmur today. I hope the PDA is closing. You are on lipids and higher glucose levels, which means more calories. But your oxygen level is up to 40 percent and your bili level went up again, which could be a result of the Indocin.

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