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12/3/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 17

December 3, 2010

Isaac — 629 grams

Molly — 670 grams

Here's Ike, just hanging out. That's what the nurses said when the babies weren't making them crazy, chasing them up and down with their oxygen settings, needing constant blood gases, bradycardia (heart rate drops). Hanging out meant relatively stable for the moment.


Your oxygen came down a little bit and no more bili lights — at least for a while. Your tummy is all distended. You look like a poor starving child, but the docs aren’t worried. You don’t have an infection and your tummy is nice and soft. Your unofficial head ultrasound was A-OK.  More wait and see.  No immediate plans for steroids yet. Bath night.


We are waiting for the report on your echo. You are worrying me because your oxygen level is way up high today — almost 60 percent. That’s just too high. But other than that, you seem to be maintaining. They are thinking of giving you steroids for your lungs, but we have to make sure that PDA is closed first.


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