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12/5/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 19

December 5, 2010

Isaac — 628

Molly — 682

This is Ike on a scale. You can see why weighing the babies was such an ordeal, and usually done on midnights, when there was less commotion on the unit. The nurses did turn down the lights and keep the noise level to a minimum at night, but the hospital is such an artificial environment. Your days and nights begin to blur.


The Polaroid picture Isaac's nurses took of him when he extubated himself.

Isaac — you pulled your tube out today, so Karen and Jill took a picture of you without it before they put in a new one. We have seen some improvement from the steroids, but not enough yet. Your Uncle Ed says to tell you that your “Good Uncle” called to say hi. Your cousin Alane says to give you a big kiss. I wish I could.


Late last night (or rather early this morning) they had to put you WAY up on your oxygen (85 percent). This really scared me. Now you are back down to 45 percent and at a rate of 20. This still seems high after you were on or around room air for so long, but it’s a big improvement over the 80s. We definitely did not like that. Daddy changed your diaper — you kept making a big mess. Be grateful he didn’t have his camera with him. [Editor’s note: by diaper, we mean a pad underneath their naked little bodies. There were no diapers small enough for those tiny tushies.]

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