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12/7/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 21

December 7, 2010

Isaac — 560 grams

Molly — 651 grams

Big sister Becky is giving Molly her Hanukkah gifts — a yellow foot teething ring and a little teddy bear.


You were doing so well this morning. Your rate was way down to 14 and your pressure down to 16/5 and your O2 down to 35 percent. Then your heart rate kept dropping so they had to set your rates up again: 25 rate, 46 percent O2 and 18/5 pressure. Your x-ray shows more damage to your lungs and they think that’s the problem. We’ve got a long haul ahead of us, big guy. Could be six more months on oxygen. But we’ll get through it. Plus, you’re going back under the bili lights. Becky got you a blue teething ring shaped like a hand for Hanukkah. I know you’re going to like to chew on it. And Nana got you a cute stuffed teddy bear for baby Bearman.


Your rates have been up and down all day, but the ups are really high and they make me nervous.  Now you’re hanging out at about 38 percent O2, which isn’t bad, and they even dropped your rate a little to 18.2. You’re back on antibiotics and your x-rays show more chronic lung problems. It will take a long, long time to get over those. They changed your IV again today, too. Let’s keep those Os down, OK? Becky got you a yellow teething ring shaped like a foot for Hanukkah and we taped it to your isolette. Nana got you and Ike twin teddy bears for Hanukkah, but she put a pink bow on yours. Becky named your bear Polly and Ian named Isaac’s Captain Pike.

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