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12/9/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 23

December 9, 2010

Isaac — 571

Molly — 650

The nurses often hung the ubiquitous striped hospital baby blankets over the isolettes to block out some of the noise and light of the ISCU. You can see Molly in her make-shift tent, with her yellow foot toy and a bunny rattle taped to the outside of her box.


You are doing much better today, rate of 15 and they just put you down to room air. You will be getting a full course of antibiotics to try to get rid of that pneumonia, although there was some thought that it might have only been in your tube, not in your lungs. So for the next 7-10 days, you will be getting medicine. You have also been getting quite a bit of Fentanyl (a mild sedative) because you have been very “nitzy”, as they say, and you have been losing weight. Your blood pressure is back down and you urine specimen from yesterday came back negative.


Molly, Molly, you are doing so much better. Your rates are way down (12 per min/28 percent O2/18/4 pressure). Your lipids are at .3 and they increased your Dextrose today.  It seems that the steroids kicked in.  Keep it up, kiddo! You’re also off antibiotics today.

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  1. December 9, 2010 8:24 am

    The tent is pretty cute given the circumstances and how lovely and grown your children are now. Love following this amazing story!

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