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12/10/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 24

December 10, 2010

Isaac — 535 grams

Molly — 614 grams

I'm speaking with Dr. Gardner here (Dr. G), the head of the Infant Special Care Unit. One of the things I so appreciated about Evanston Hospital was the accessibility of the doctors, nurses and specialists, who would all make time to explain things to us. This wasn't always easy on a busy unit, but if the docs weren't around or available, we could be sure that our wonderful nurses would ask our questions for us. They were our best advocates.


We had a conference with Dr. Gardner today. He was telling us about your infections. It seems that pneumonia isn’t affecting you too much. They also found evidence of a yeast infection near your tube and they stuck your arm to see if it is in your blood stream. So far, there is no evidence of it, which is good, because I guess the treatment is pretty yucky and has a number of side effects. Dr. G says that even though you have bad lung disease and that your lungs “aren’t pretty”, they are still functioning pretty well and there is no evidence to lead him to believe you won’t grow up to be a happy, healthy, normal boy.  You have just got to start gaining weight. You are way down to 535 grams. So they are only going to weigh you every other day and give you a bath every five days now.  They also ask that we kind of leave you alone, so we won’t be touching you much for a while; not because we don’t want to, but because it is best for you. Keep doing well, sweetheart. Hey, they just turned off your bili lights — again! And Molly moved across the aisle from you.


They moved you into Isaac’s room today, right across the aisle. You’re doing quite well, down near room air all day on a rate of 12. If you keep it up and stay nice and stable, Dr. G says they will start to try to feed you, which is what you need to grow. That’s your big problem right now. You are at your lowest weight ever (614 grams), way lower than Isaac was at birth.

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