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12/14/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 28

December 14, 2010

Isaac — 553 grams

Molly — 647 grams


This is what it looks like to feed a preemie. Molly's nurse pulled two ccs into a syringe and pushed it through the nasogastric tube, which went through her nose, down her throat and into her digestive tract. I remember being so excited about the twins getting "real" food, but the staff was apprehensive. Because their digestive tracts are so immature and not really ready for food, preemies are at high risk for a dangerous infection called NEC (see Glossary), which can cause parts of the intestines to die. When preemies start to eat, their nurses are on high alert for the slightest sign of infection.


You had a good day, buddy. I guess you tolerated your bath and weighing very well. You even gained some weight. You’re also eating well, which means you are not throwing up and you are digesting your food. By the way, they also put you on your tummy for the first time yesterday. I guess you really liked it. Grandma and Grandpa say hi and to give you a big kiss.


Today you learned to be a little more modest. They put a diaper on you. It’s about same size as half of a surgical mask and is still too big for you. They also doubled your foods to 2 ccs every two hours. Because you have only one line in, you are not getting lipids or hyper-al any more, only breast milk, which they say should be enough to keep you going.

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