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12/15/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 29

December 15, 2010

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 629 grams


This is a picture of Isaac with Kenn's wedding band on his wrist (there's a better picture of Molly in the banner at the top of the page). The nurses on the unit told us that many preemies are much smaller than their peers for a long time. They suggested taking pictures that would show just how much they had grown, so we opted for the wedding ring to give some perspective. People are always astounded by these pictures, seeing that ring dangling loosely around their arms. As usual the nurses were right; Isaac and Molly loved looking back on these pictures to see how big they had grown.


You’re doing just great, big guy.  They lowered your rate to 8 and you are tolerating your feeds very well. Dr. Nash says your last positive culture was on 12/11. It turns out your infection is probably a fungus, not yeast, so they may be changing your medicine. You also probably going to have to have a spinal tap later this week, I’m sorry to say. Dr. Nash says he would rather not be feeding you because he is afraid of NEC. But your oral medicine had to be mixed with something, so they decided to try breast milk.


You’re such a good girl, tolerating your food well. It appears that you lost some weight last night, but we think it was due more to the big heavy arm board that came off. If you keep eating well, they will continue to increase the amount of food you get a little at a time. I would like nothing better than to sit back and watch you grown until it is time to bring you home. They will keep you on your ventilator probably for at least several more weeks. You are very comfortable at a rate of 12 and pressure of 13/3.  This will let you grow without wearing yourself out breathing on your own.

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