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12/16/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 30

December 16, 2010

Isaac — 561 grams

Molly — 616 grams

This is me feeding Isaac. At this stage of the game, a nurse was always nearby, especially during feedings. The babies could aspirate the breast milk into their already compromised lungs, and that would be trouble. Even though my babies were nearly a month old, I still didn't feel like much of a mom. Pushing a plunger is not the same as snuggling and nursing your baby at home in your favorite rocker. Still, we were taking baby steps — tiny little preemie baby steps.


They stopped the antibiotic for pneumonia, but started a new medicine for the drainage in your eye. You are up and down on your Os (but only in the 20s). They still don’t know if you have got yeast or a fungus. You are doing well on your feeds and gained more weight. You are only 55 grams less than Molly now. Keep growing!


Still doing well. You tend to go up and down on your Os a little bit and they were a little concerned that your PDA might be opening up again, but your nurse Sue didn’t hear it all day. They increased your feeds to 3 ccs every two hours. You are going to start growing by leaps and bounds one of these days, but you are still losing a little bit right now. They also put in a central line again. You had a little drainage out of your eye, so you are on some medication for that, just in case there turns out to be an infection. I hope you start to grow soon. Mardy showed us how she makes a pacifier from a preemie bottle nipple for you to such on.  She did it for you for the first time on Friday. You really liked it.

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