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12/17/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 31

December 17, 2010

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 607 grams

This horrible picture of me was staged a couple of days after I went home from the hospital. For reasons I still don't quite understand, we thought it was important to capture the Labor and Delivery unit on film, even though we spent relatively little time there and our memories were scary and miserable. I look defeated and exhausted, so I guess pictures never lie.


Today you are officially one month old. I’m not sure what the deal is yet, but they turned your rate up to 14 and your O level up to 29. It could be no big deal. I hope it’s no big deal. Jill says you were dropping your heart rate and desatting all night and this morning. Daddy and I noticed that your tummy looked very distended and they noticed that, too. They are watching you very closely for a condition called NEC, which could be really dangerous. But Doctor G. just looked at your x-ray and said it looked fine. They held your 10 and 12 o’clock feedings, but will give you the two o’clock one. There was also a little blood in the stool from last night. It could be from the tube irritating your tummy, could be a sore tushy, could be the oral med 5-FC irritating your intestinal tract — could be, could be, could be. They also grew another culture form the one taken on 12/13, which means it is taking longer to grow out, but it is still there. I try not to let these little “set backs” get to me, but I’m not doing a very good job of it. Jill says that with people as little as you are, there will be some intolerance to eating and that you will probably go on and off your feedings for some time to come.


At exactly one month old, you now weight less than ever before (607 grams). That makes me very nervous. You were desatting on and off while we were here last night, and they are taking another echo to see if your PDA has reopened.

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