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12/18/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 32

December 18, 2010

Isaac — 568 grams

Molly — 610 grams


Isaac through the looking glass — or at leas through the isolette plexiglass. Still naked. Still ventilated. Still even smaller than he was when he was born. More than a month old, but not due for another eight weeks.


They did a spinal tap on you this morning. I’m so sorry, sweetie, I think that must have been really uncomfortable. You keep dropping your heart rate and they have had to go up on your settings again (25 rate, 35 Os). We won’t know if the infection has reached your spinal cord for at least four days. They’ll try to grow a culture. I hope it’s negative. Dr. G. says you are still going to give us lots of headaches before we can take you home.

They increased your feedings again today. Maybe now you will start to gain some weight. You are tolerating the feedings so well that, slowly and gradually, they have been able to increase the amount you are getting. I’m going to have to start pumping more to increase my milk supply soon.
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  1. December 18, 2010 8:19 am

    Just wanted to check in Susan and say hello honey — how are you dear? xoxoxo Happy Holidays!

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