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12/21/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 35

December 21, 2010

Isaac — Not weighed

Molly — 643 grams

I remember this day vividly, as it was the first time I got to see Molly's whole face. She had extubated herself and the nurses took a picture before reintubating her so we could see her mouth. I remember thinking: "Oh, so that's what you look like. So beautiful, with that perfect pink bow-shaped mouth." I felt like I was seeing her for the first time — the real Molly. It was an amazing day. You can see the bandage on her right ear. The lobe tore away from her face a bit when they were removing the tape that held the ET tube in place. That immature skin was so thin and delicate that it was easily injured.


You keep creeping up on your Os a little bit, pal, all the way to 36 percent. And now they tell me there is a positive culture from the 17th. I don’t know, honey, we’ve got to get you better. I don’t quite understand. The cultures from the 14, 15 and 16 are all still negative. We will have to talk more to the docs later on.


You put on some more weight last night — good girl!  Lynn is here again this weekend and she says you’re doing wonderfully. I love to look into your eyes when I come to visit. You’re not awake too often, but when you are it makes me feel close to you just to look at you. You’re such a pretty girl, with beautiful pink skin and big eyes and strawberry blond hair. Even with all the tubes and wires, you’re beautiful to me. They raised you to five and then six ccs every two hours today. We got a phone call at home. It makes my heart drop every time the phone rings because I think that it might be bad news. But today it was the nurses telling us that you extubated yourself. They took a picture, but told us to hurry up and come to the hospital before they had to reintubate you. I got to see your whole beautiful face! They tore your ear a little when they pulled the tape off and you got two stitches, poor thing. They called a plastic surgeon just to make sure it would be perfect. I think you’re a little young for plastic surgery, don’t you?

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