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12/22/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 36

December 22, 2010

Isaac — 575 grams

Molly — 647 grams

Here is another picture of Molly off the vent (which really only lasted a short while). To me, she looked much more like a "real" baby, and less like a preemie, even though she was still well below her birth weight of 815 grams. Her coloring was much better, too.


Grandma and Papa are here. We’re going to decorate your first Christmas Tree. I know that’s a little confusing because  you are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, but they celebrate Christmas. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get the hange of our crazy family. I heard you were a wild man today and got a couple of doses of Fentanyl to calm you down. No news is good news on the infection front. We need to kick it, baby! Susan Wagner came to visit and brought you a red and navy blue hooded sweater and booties, a sharp new addition to your wardrobe, although I’m afraid it’s a bit too big for you yet. Actually, it’s huge, but you’ll grow into it.


The raised you up to seven and then to eight ccs every two hours. Full feeds! Yay! Grandma and Papa are here to visit you. We are all very pleased with your terrific progress. Our friend Susan Wagner visited you today and cried. She has a baby girl named Kimbra who is not too much older than you, and I think she was just overwhelmed by how little you are. She brought you a beautiful yellow hand-crotcheted sweater with a hood and matching booties. A friend from her office made them and Susan thought they were so tiny, but it’s all really still much too big. You would probably drown in the sweater now, but maybe it will be a perfect fit by the time we take you home.

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