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12/23/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 37

December 23, 2010

Isaac — Not weighed

Molly — 659 grams


Molly on her tummy. Both babies really loved being on their tummies, but couldn't be positioned that way when they had central lines or were on the ventilator. Doesn't she look so much more comfortable here than in most of the other pictures?


Ike, my little guy, they had to stop your feedings again because your tummy blew up again and they are afraid of NEC. We are waiting for the x-ray to come back up. Your central line is out and they were not able to get an arterial line in. They are going to hold off putting a PCVC in because they think the yeast may be colonizing around the lines.


You are off the respirator for real this time! And doing great! On full feeds. Your tube came out at about at about 4:00 and they decided to see how you would do. Grandma and I came at 5:30 and Isaac’s nurse Karen said “Boy, will you be surprised.” I looked at you and didn’t even notice because you were on your tummy. Jill was the one who decided to try you on your tummy and you calmed right down and fell asleep. Daddy thinks you will be back up to your birth weight by 12/27.

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