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12/28/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 42

December 28, 2010

Isaac — 573 grams

Molly — 573 grams


Isaac on his second day off the vent. His skin still is so much darker than Molly's and his hair is almost black. That arm board holding his IV in place is almost as big as he is.


This is your second day off the vent and you are still doing extremely well. They put a little cannula in your nose to give you oxygen when you need it and CPAP every few hours to make sure all the sacs in your lungs are opening all the way. You’re a real champ.


They weighed you last night and you lost 99 grams!? I can’t believe that’s right. We’re not going to believe it until they weigh you tonight. Grandma and I looked all over for some preemie clothes today, but didn’t find any. Your nurse Rem says your feet get gold, so we are going to get some booties for you tomorrow. I brought in the music box Grandpa bought you. You weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

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