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12/30/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 44

December 30, 2010

Isaac — 593 grams with 2 arm boards

Molly — 689 grams


Isaac was frequently agitated on the ISCU, and his pacifier (binky in our family lexicon) was one of the few things that calmed him, but he wasn't very adept at keeping it in his mouth.


Still off the vent. You have been up on your Os somewhat today, and you still keep dropping your heart rate every once in a while. You love your pacifier. It calms you right down. You are just not gaining any weight yet, although to be fair, you have had a couple of hectic days.


You are looking pretty comfy, there, Molly. Started to head back up near the 700 mark. Grandma and Papa went home today. They are going to miss you. Grandma and I bought you some little booties for your cold feet yesterday. They looked so tiny in the store, but they’re quite huge on you. They look more like go-go boots than booties, but they are your first real clothes.

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