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12/31/91 — Our NICU Journey Day 45

December 31, 2010

Isaac — Not weighed

Molly — 708 grams

I love this wide-mouthed picture of Isaac. Seeing their mouths and their expressions after spending so long on the ventilator continued to thrill me for many months. The tube running into his nose is a nasogastric tube, which was threaded through his nose into his digestive tract, and through which he got his feedings.


The last day of the first year of your life. They put you under an oxygen tent and took out your cannula (it was too small!). They are going to check your eyes next week. We described some of your behavior to Dr. Adams (following the music box, appearing to focus) and she said you may be a very visually-oriented person.


We just talked to Dr. Adams. Everyone is happy because it looks like you are starting to grow. Next week they are going to check out your eyes. They are hearing your PDA loud and clear again, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering you, so they are going to let it be unless you tell them you need help.  They may give you more food in another day or two, but right now you’re just hanging out. Tonight is New Year’s Eve and at midnight we start a whole new year. I hope it is a healthier, happier one for all of us.

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