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1/1/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 46

January 1, 2011

Isaac — 597 grams

Molly — 718 grams


The night nurses liked to have fun, and here they dressed Molly up in some doll clothes (the CPK on her dress stands for Cabbage Patch Kids). Then we would find the photos taped to their isolettes when we came in the next day. While the doll clothes fit fairly well, they weren't ideal because they were poorly made, often of scratchy material with nylon thread. Back then, they did not make preemie clothes for such little babies, and I continued to scour the stores for something the would work.


Happy New Year! You are doing well, pal, hanging out at 30 percent. Mardy made you and Molly little party hats last night and we came to visit you after midnight to wish you a happy New Year.  Everyone is so astounded that you are still of the respirator. Daddy was a little disappointed. He predicted that you would be in the 600s weight-wise by now, but you only made it to 597 (three little grams short), but you are doing just fine. Now that it seems like your infection is under control and you are off the vent and pretty comfortable with that, I would really like to see you start to gain some weight. I won’t push you, but we really would all like to see you grow some, OK?


Happy New Year, little girl. We came to visit you late last night about 1:00 a.m. Mardy made you and Isaac little party hats to celebrate New Years. You looked very cute. And you got a bath. I guess during the night, they found you a little dress and dressed you up for the very first time and took your picture. What a beauty you are. They took off your nasal cannula and you were breathing room air all on your own, but this morning, when we called they told us your heart rate was way up and you looked pale and listless, so they started you on antibiotics, just in case. They are holding your feedings as a precaution, but this is disappointing because you were doing so well with gaining weight. They think the problem may be that you are pretty anemic, so you are getting some blood now. I hope that’s what it is. Daddy changed your diaper today, a poopie one, something he said he would never do. Never just isn’t as long as it used to be!

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