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1/3/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 48

January 3, 2011

Isaac — 644 grams

Molly — 733 grams


Becky and I are next the the ISCU reception desk, ruled over back then by Ms. Vee Hooks. Becky is masked and ready to go in to visit her baby brother and sister. This was the day before Becky's 11th birthday. We were feeling pretty optimistic.


You finally broke the 600 mark, all the way up to 644 grams. You are such a big guy now, it does my heart good. Keep growing and gaining. They are going to increase you one cc a day until you are on full feeds.


You are really nitzy (as they say up here in the ISCU). You have needed a little oxygen here and there and you had an apneic episode last night, but were able to pull yourself out of it. But you are still quite a wiggle puss.

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