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1/4/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 49

January 4, 2011

Isaac — Not weighed

Molly — 731 grams


This is Molly's primary nurse, Lynn. We got to know so many of their care givers, who cared for us as much as they cared for our babies.


They upped your feedings again today to six. Such a big boy! I can’t wait to see if you grew some tonight. That’s a joke I have with Ian and Becky — the difference between grew some and gruesome. You’re still hanging out in your tent. You look much better, especially your color. You are less bruised and more pink looking.


You still haven’t quite made your birth weight, Molly.  You’re close — very close — just 14 grams away, but you can’t seem to get over the top. They put the nasal cannula back in yesterday and started you back on CPAP with the mask just to keep you comfy. I held you for a long time and your sats went up to 98 from the low 90s. I can’t wait until I can just pick you up and hold you close to my heart any time I want, any time you want.

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