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1/7/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 52

January 7, 2011

Isaac — not taken (very sick)

Molly — 769 grams

This picture is very hard. Isaac's little body was ravaged by an unknown infection. His swollen feet and toes, his puffy arms and legs that had been stick-like just two days earlier, and his terribly distended stomach were all a result of the infection. The doctors and nurses who had joked with us and cheered with us were now very serious, intent on helping our very sick little boy get well.


Little Isaac, such a tough guy.  You seem to be fighting off this infection, too. You are amazing — such a fighter. You just don’t let things get you down. In a weird way, you look bigger, less wrinkled. You are still a very sick boy, but you are working hard and they have been able to go down on your settings just a tad. Later today, you will get a spinal tap (don’t worry, it won’t hurt) to see if you have meningitis. We are really hoping that you don’t. You are peeing a lot, which is good. That’s what you need to do. You are very inspiring, Ike. Your bravery makes me feel brave.


You’re getting big, Mol. Another 19 grams last night. Daddy predicts you will hit two pounds in one week. You had your eyes examined today and they said “too immature”, which is what they expected. They will look again in another month. You really didn’t like getting your eyes dilated, though. This afternoon, you will also get another echo and they will decide what to do to get rid of your PDA once and for all. Then they can raise your feeds and you can really start gaining weight. To go home, you need to be able to bottle feed and still gain weight, and also hold your body temperature in an open crib. Usually, babies can do that at around four pounds, so you have got some growing to do.

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