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1/8/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 53

January 8, 2011

Isaac — 974 grams (very sick)

Molly — 782 grams

This is what Ike's bed looked like during his illness. Instead of me and a single nurse hanging out and talking to him, now we had doctors, med students, nurses and respiratory therapists huddled around the Ohio bed regularly throughout the day, discussing symptoms and treatment plans. They were constantly adjusting and revising the plan. Usually, we were shooed out of the room during these meetings, so the staff could speak frankly and efficiently. We were lucky to have such a good team. The attending physician (grey coats, as they were called in our hospital) on that month was Dr. Elaine Ferrell, seen here in the middle of the photo.


You let us sleep last night at home — no silliness. As a matter of fact, you went down to 40 on your Os and 20 on your rate (from 100 O2, and a rate of 40 last night). Now you are back up on your settings again, but then you just had a spinal tap and that would make anyone upset. You’ve got women fighting over you, pal. Karen and Kim are both wanting you for the PM shift. That’s because you are such a handsome fellow, even though right now you are puffed up like a balloon. It looks like the ventilator is blowing air into you like a helium tank and that if you get any bigger you will just float up off your bed and start flying around the room. You don’t look like you right now, but I know you are in there, doing the best you can. They put you back on hyper-al this afternoon, and they took you off the Pavulon.


Another decent gain last night (13 grams).  They still can’t decide what to do about your PDA. They are waiting for the results of the echo. Until then, you should enjoy your food, because if they put you on Indocin, they have to stop your feeds for five days. Boy, are you gonna be mad. You get mad now if your feeding is only a few minutes late.

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