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1/11/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 56

January 11, 2011

Isaac — not taken (very sick)

Molly — 817 grams (with one arm board) — back to birthweight

This is me giving Molly a bottle for the very first time. Not exactly a close, intimate experience. Not nursing her or holding her in my arms giving her a bottle, the way I had always imagined feeding her. But look at the smile on my face. You can tell it was a big day.


Unfortunately, there is not much new to report today, pal. You keep having these bad episodes whenever they suction you. You get down to the 40s and 50s on your Os and then they mess with you and it’s back up to 100 percent. They tried this medicine that they bagged directly into your lungs, but it didn’t help too much, so they DC’d it. I can tell you miss your binky. You are just sucking away at your tube. I hope your day goes better than your night did, buddy.


Guess what you did yesterday, Miss Molly?  You drank your first bottle. Mardy said you really scarfed it down. And I got to hold you last night, really hold you in my arms, not on a pillow.  And you seemed to like it. I talked to Dr. Leder about your paleness and he said you may just be a very white baby. Joanne says your murmur is softer and more intermittent. We hope that PDA is closing up once and for all. I just gave you a bottle for the first time. You did great.  You drank it all gone. And, you are finally, finally back to your birthweight. After 56 days, you finally weigh as much as you did on the day you were born. OK, not quite because you still have one arm board, but I’m going to say that you do anyway.


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