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1/14/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 59

January 14, 2011

Isaac — 1042 grams (very sick)

Molly — 850 grams =

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be feeding her baby? Small victories were huge on the NICU. That 1042 grams you see for Isaac would seems like it would have been a great thing, putting him well over two pounds, but it was all fluid weight from the edema brought on by his infection. We were willing him to lose water weight and willing her to gain real weight.


Well, Ike, you are still not doing too great — still all swollen up like a water balloon, with bruises all up and down your body from all the IVs. You are almost all bald because they have had to shave your head in so many places for new IV sites. And Dr. Leder put a central line into your jugular vein today. Despite all of this, you are still the cutest boy in the world. Trust me on this. It’s true. And this is a completely objective point of view from your Mama. So the weirdest thing just happened. They could not get you to saturate all day today. The best you did was in the low 90s, high 80s. When I got here you were satting at 83 on 100 percent oxygen. Then, all of a sudden, over the course of a half hour, they were able to dial you down to 45 percent. Never a dull moment, Ike my man.


Molly, no weight gain today. Not even one gram. What’s the deal? They also did an echo, and the bad news is that they can still see your PDA. I’m bummed. No one had heard your murmur in a day or so, and I thought it might be closing up for us. Well, you’ll get one more Indocin treatment tomorrow and then we will see what the scoop is. Daddy is going to come in a little later with the camera so he can take a picture of us while I’m giving you a bottle. You look so cute when we sit you up so you can eat.

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