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1/16/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 61

January 16, 2011

Isaac — 1052 (very sick)

Molly — 866 grams


Here are two more of the nurses who took care of our babies: Sue and Mardy. There were so many others who cared for them who we did not capture on camera — more than 100 doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists helped Isaac and Molly during their long stay on the ISCU.


They say you are more stable today, but I’m not sure I believe it. They took you off the Aminophylline drip and the stress dose of the Dexamethasone. You had a bad bronchospasm when I was here at 11:00 a.m. and you have been way up on your rates and Os again. I’m not happy, buddy. You were doing so much better yesterday. I can’t wait until you are back in an isolette, because that will mean you are all better.  I hope you have a good night, sweet boy.


Molly, what’s the deal? You lost two grams last night. We’re not liking that too much. We gave you a bottle last night and you took almost all of it, so maybe that tuckered you out. I know I’m too impatient. It takes a lot of hard work to grow, so I’ll just bide my time, waiting patiently for you to come along at your own pace. They took out your PCVC today — no more IVs. Because of that, they could raise you up to 16 ccs every three hours. So now you are getting plenty of calories to grow on.

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