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1/17/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 62

January 17, 2011

Isaac — not weighed (very sick)

Molly — 862 grams

Here I am holding our "big" girl. This was one of the first times I was able to actually hold her, as opposed to holding a pillow that was holding her. Today, they would use Kangaroo care with skin-to-skin contact. Back then, I was thrilled to be this close to her. The picture mentioned in this journal entry isn't in their baby book. Perhaps it never made it home.


Happy two-month birthday, Isaac! You seem to be doing much better again today, even though you did have a couple of bronchospasms earlier. They put you back on the Aminophylline drip and you seem to like that. Mardy took your picture with Molly last night.  You two haven’t been that close together in two months. You looked very cute together. You are looking more wrinkled again, which is good to see. Two whole months. I can’t believe it!  Two months and you are still here in the hospital. Two months and you are still sick. Two months and you are still on the vent. Two months and you are still the best boy in the world. Happy birthday, pal. Oh, something else they are doing to help you is giving you albumin to pull the fluid in your body into your vascular system, and an extra dose of Lasix (a diuretic) to push it out through your kidneys.


Molly, happy two-month birthday, little girl. I should call you “big girl” because you are doing all kinds of big-girl things. Last night, Mardy dressed you up in the Cabbage Patch Kid dress and took you across the aisle to visit your brother. She took a cute picture of the two of you together and mounted it on a little card wishing you a happy birthday. You got a bath in a little bathtub. And today you got your first vaccinations (DPT and meningitis). Daddy held you out of the isolette and tried to give you a bottle, but you weren’t interested. We tried again at 5:00 and you took more than half the bottle, which is really good, since they upped your feeds again today. No more weight loss, OK, kid? You are down six grams in the last two days.

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