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1/18/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 63

January 18, 2011

Isaac — 1033 grams (very sick)

Molly — 886 grams

One of Ike's nurses (Karen) and I hang out around his Ohio bed. She pushed his meds and bagged him during his bradycardia. I hoped and cried and willed him better. All the little notes and decorations from his isolette had been transferred to the heating element arm above his Ohio bed in a surreal juxtaposition of cute baby things with cryptic notes about his critical care.


Well, you are having a pretty good day today, Ike. Down to a rate of 7 and on room air. Such a good boy. You are even beginning to pee off that fluid — down 19 grams since they weighed you two days ago. Here we are rushing you to lose weight (excess fluids) and as soon as you get skinny and shriveled again, we will be bugging you to put weight back on again (fat, though, not fluids). Every day since you’ve been sick, Daddy exercises you. He gently massages your arms and legs because they are swollen too big for you to move them on your own. He’s like your own personal trainer and physical therapist in one.


Hey, big girl, you had a nice weight gain last night. You are darn close to that two-pound mark now. I guess you had a little bit of a fever earlier today due to the shots you got yesterday. They have been giving you Tylenol to keep the fever down and keep you comfortable. You are looking pretty good to me these days.

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