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1/20/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 65

January 20, 2011

Isaac — not weighed (very sick)

Molly — 888 grams

Molly was wearing a "preemie" kimono that we bought for her, but she practically drowned in it. It was impossible to find clothes that fit them, but as we were able to take her out of the isolette and hold her more often, it was important to keep her warm. It became my mission, a Herculean task for someone who loathes shopping. The little socks she was wearing looked cute, but they always slipped right off her feet.


Ike, my man, you are starting to look like you again. You are back on lipids. Yay! And you got to be on your tummy for a while today, which I know you really like.


Molly, what can I say? They want you to grow. They keep upping your feeds and may refortify them with oil tomorrow. I got to hold you for a whole hour yesterday and daddy got to hold you tonight. They have you dressed in a little shirt, but it’s huge on you. We have to find some clothes that fit.

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