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1/22/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 67

January 22, 2011

Isaac — not weighed (very sick)

Molly — 929 grams (over 2 pounds)

This is one of the little t-shirts I embroidered — one with a pink Molly Bear, and one with a blue Isaac Bear. I had plenty of time on my hands for cross-stitching. It was exciting to hear the staff say things like "When they go home." I almost started to believe it would really happen one day.


Isaac, you look great. Your swelling is almost all down. They did put you back on the vent last night, but you did pretty well off of it for five hours. You look like you again. You are wiggling around. You have hernia, but they expected that. They will be putting you back in an isolette today. Yay!


You are all dressed up in your kimono today. You look so cute. I took some pictures to show Grandma and Grandpa. I embroidered a little Molly Bear on one of your t-shirts, so everyone will know it’s yours. I was thinking that this is the only home you have ever known, but it’s not really your home, even though it feels like our second home. You have a very nice house a few miles from here — just waiting for you. I’m going to pick out some wallpaper for your room.

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