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1/23/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 68

January 23, 2011

Isaac — 800 (dry weight)

Molly — 929 grams =

Do you think Molly was getting a little bored with whole situation after more than two months on the ISCU (NICU)? Being able to see most of her face without the ET tube was still a huge thrill for us. I could never stop staring at them.


Isaac, you are back in your little condo again, your home away from home. You must be so much more comfortable in there. It is much quieter. I cross stitched a little t-shirt for you with an Isaac Bear on it. Everyone stops by your isolette and comments on how great you look.  They’re still sucking out a lot of junk whenever they suction you, but they say you are sounding much better. Your color even looks better to me. They weighed you in at 800 grams last night and are calling that your “dry weight”, which means the swelling is virtually all gone. They upped your feeds to two ccs every and now we will watch you grow.


Nana came to visit you today. I had a long talk with Dr. Cole and Dr. Leder about your heart today. Dr. Cole is going to look at your records and give us an opinion. Dr. Leder explained that the ASD is of the second type, which means the top part of the septum did not grow enough. We will see what Dr. Cole has to say tomorrow. They added the oil fortifier to your breast milk again. They would like to see you gain an average of 15-20 grams per day and you are only averaging 7-8. So grow, little Molly.

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