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1/25/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 70

January 25, 2011

Isaac — 819 with 2 arm boards

Molly — 968 grams

This is Ike with his Binky (pacifier). There weren't any real Binkies small enough for his tiny mouth, so the nurses fashioned one by stuffing a preemie bottle nipple with gauze, cutting away the upper rim, and taping up the bottom. Though he loved his Binky in the hospital and for a while after we came home, as soon as his thumb grew to a reasonably satisfying size, he made the switch. During these first days after his illness, however, the Binky provided much needed comfort.


Grandma and Papa couldn’t make it today after all, because there was a bad snowstorm. You are doing just great — you are up to three ccs every two hours and tolerating them well. Becky and Ian came for a visit today. Your PIA line sprang a leak and kind of grossed everyone out, but other than that, Fred is leaving you in peace until Monday.


Grandma and Papa couldn’t come visit you today after all because there was a bad snowstorm. Becky and Ian came for a visit today. You were so wide awake when Becky and Ian came earlier. You were really cute, looking all around. You look more and more like a big baby every day. You had a couple of heart rate drops while we were here. I’m really not liking that too much, Molly, but Fred says you are just showing off your prematurity, so I’ll forgive it for a while longer.

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