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1/26/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 71

January 26, 2011

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 994 grams

True confession: we did not take pictures everyday during our ISCU stay. Remember, this was way back in the days of film and developing. There aren't a lot of pictures of the babes at this time, so instead I'll share the progress of the nursery. As you see, it wasn't even close to being a nursery at this point — just an old enclosed, unheated, unused porch off of our bedroom, albeit with a good view. Our dear friends Jim & Judi had loaned us a crib. One crib, two babies. Like Isaac and Molly, this room had a long way to go before their homecoming. Luckily, we still had time.


They may lower your rate again today, even though Fred said no. Jill thinks you’re ready. And they went up on your feeds again today to four ccs every two hours. Full feeds at your current rate would be 12 ccs every two hours (or 18 every three hours), so you have got a ways to go, but you are moving along quite nicely. I like to sit and look at you. Now that you are not swollen any more, you can move around. You were such an active little guy before you got sick. It does my heart good to see you wiggling again. You have still got two big heavy arm boards, though, so your arms are kind of pinned out beside you, spread eagle across the bed.  Sometimes you pull them up, but it is obviously a struggle for you.


You are very close to 1,000 grams — just six more to go. And you are behaving like a big girl.  You are holding your temperature so well that they eliminated the humidity from your isolette and have the temperature set as low as it can go. That means you could move to a bassinette pretty soon, maybe after you get to be 1,200 grams or so. You seem to really like it when I pat your head or hold you. You saturate much better and it calms you down when you are upset. It makes me feel like a real mom, like I can do something for you when you are uncomfortable.  Becky and Ian helped give you a bottle last night, and Becky was patting your little keppi, too.

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  1. January 26, 2011 9:13 am

    Aww — I love when they wiggle! And your unfinished nursery resembles what our looked like at one point :

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