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1/28/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 73

January 28, 2011

Isaac — Not weighed

Molly — 1041 grams

Just like the babies, the nursery was really starting to take shape, thanks to Kenn and my dad. We had a new ceiling, a new subfloor, drywall and even a light fixture. Each step, both in and out of the ISCU, was bringing us closer to the day we would bring our babies home. That day was still a long way off, but we could almost see it.


You are looking great in your little house, Isaac. They raised your feeds today to 5ccs q2. And they will be taking you off lipids later today because you are getting more food. You must feel so much more comfortable now that you only have one arm board. In other big news, Fred lowered your pressures to 19/5. You are doing just great, pal. I can’t wait to see how much you weigh tonight. People are so amazed every time they walk by. They are calling you a new man — a real fighter. You’re my little tough guy, no doubt about it.


You finally did it, Molly. You passed the kilo mark in a big way — 1,041 grams. Fred is quite pleased and so are we. You are finally getting big. We are going to leave you in peace and watch you grow and grow and grow — until you are big enough to just come right home with us. I can’t wait. We ordered the carpeting for your room. I think you will really like it.


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