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1/29/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 74

January 29, 2011

Isaac — 828 with one arm board

Molly — 1052 grams

Ta-da. Here's the nursery, fast-forwarded a bit from where we really are on our journey. The rocker stands ready with a basket of toys and books. The carpeting is in; the wallpaper is up. Our generous friend Duffy came and help Kenn (or rather, let Kenn help him) install the new hot-water baseboard heaters. You can see to the left our changing table. All that's is missing are the babies. As we got more and more ready for them at home, it got harder and harder to leave them at the hospital. Isaac was still ventilated, barely over his devastating infection, but we had been on the unit for so long and were eager to get them home.


Today’s big news is that they stopped the Mucomyst treatments. You still get albuterol (an asthma medicine) bagged into your lungs every four hours. They also increased the time between Fentanyl doses from every two to every four hours. Tomorrow they are going to try you just on C-PAP (continuous positive air pressure) and then, if all goes well, they will try to extubate you on Friday. You continue to go up on your feeds by one cc every day. So things are moving along slowly but surely. Nobody is going to push you. They are just going to move you along at a nice, comfortable pace.


Mardy says she weighed you with nothing on — no leads or anything — and you still gained 11 grams. I spoke with Dr. Cole today, and he suggested that we ask if your thyroid has been tested — partially because I have Grave’s disease (hyperactive thyroid) and had to have radiation treatment on my thyroid before you were born. Grandma called and said she has all kinds of clothes for you and Isaac. She’ll either bring them or give them to my friend Carole when they come to visit. Carole’s husband Duffy is going to put the heat in your new room.

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  1. January 29, 2011 9:10 am

    Yay! The nursery looks awesome!!! 🙂


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