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2/1/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 77

February 1, 2011

Isaac — not weighed, no ventilator

Molly — 1068 grams

Things were getting better and the smiles came through every once in a while, but the days were still long and filled with fear. We were tired — a different kind of tired than most parents of newborns experience. While we weren't awakened every two hours by hungry babies, our sleep was never truly restful. You can see the weariness smudged under Kenn's eyes. We still startled every time the phone rang. We were still on the roller coaster.


You are doing very well, Ike. They pulled your jugular IV. It stopped working so they pulled it a day before they expected to. They raised your feed twice today. You are now up to full feeds.  Yay!


You are just poking along here, Molly. I’d like to see you start gaining some real weight.  Enough of this diddling around. I’m getting very impatient. You have to grow so you can come home. You will like your house, you really will. And we will be able to play together and do fun things. And you won’t be bothered by all the noise and lights.



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