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2/2/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 78

February 2, 2011

Isaac — 842 grams

Molly — 1095 grams


Now that the babies were getting bigger and stronger, people were showering us with gifts for them. I had one post-baby shower in Michigan for friends and family, a second one given here by one of our lovely neighbors for our Chicago-area friends. My mom is a quilter, and this is the quilt she made for Isaac. We also got every possible pair of stuffed animals and boy/girl dolls, including at least four different sets of Raggedy Ann and Andy.


You look so great, Isaac. Your color has never been this good. You are definitely a nice healthy pink — not red or brown or ash colored anymore. You still get mask C-PAP every four hours and the albuterol syrup every eight. But they stopped the dexamethesone (steroid), they are decreasing your theophylline and you haven’t had Fentanyl in more than 48 hours nows. You just have one little IV going with D10 — no more hyper-al. You have made incredible progress this past week and I’m so proud of you. You are getting 140 ccs a day. More than Molly!


Nice weight gain, Mol. And you got a new bed last night. They put you in your little stretchy sleeper and it’s not too terribly large on you. You look cute in it. Like a real, big baby. You will be getting your eyes examined again on Tuesday. And your new doc — Dr. Ferrell — starts tomorrow. All kinds of new things going on. And I’m finally going to have a baby shower for you guys — a post-baby shower — sometime this month.


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