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2/3/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 79

February 3, 2011

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 1114 grams

Any guesses why Kenn is suddenly so smiley? Check back tomorrow and see.


They must really think you are doing well. You will be getting your vaccinations today. I know you won’t like that, but you need them to keep you healthy. You are only getting C-PAP every eight hours now. I know you like that. You screamed bloody murder every time they gave it to you. I feel like such a real mom when I have to sign forms for you. I hope you don’t feel too terrible after your shots today.


Nothing really new today, Molly. They still won’t increase your feeds, but they are planning to check your eyes again tomorrow. You gained a respectable 19 grams last night. That would be a good daily average. Let’s see if you can keep it up. I got to hold you again yesterday for a good long time. You are still so tiny in my arms, even though you look bigger in the isolette. You were awake the whole time looking around, studying my face, trying to figure out the world on the outside of your isolette. That must all seem so strange to you. And even though you are so little, my arm still fell asleep holding you. I didn’t want to disturb you. This is all still so new to me, too.

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