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2/4/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 80

February 4, 2011

Isaac — 838 grams

Molly — 1119 grams


Here's the happy daddy holding both babies together for the first time ever. This picture was actually taken on 2/11, a week after this post, but you'll forgive me for skipping ahead, because this series of photos is very cute. Kenn went to the hospital without me to get these pictures. I was planning an overnight trip to Michigan and he wanted new pictures for me to take now that the babies were looking like babies. When he got to the hospital, the nurses helped him set up these shots. No ventilators, no breathing cannulas; just daddy and babies and a couple of monitor wires.


You lost weight — four grams. I’m sorry to tell you this, Isaac, but this is not acceptable behavior. You are too little to lose anything. You must gain. They changed your feeds to 15ccs q3 and they are fortifying the breast milk to give you some extra calories. That should help. You didn’t get your eyes checked today because the eye doctor is on vacation, but you did get vaccinations, just like a big baby. Karen said you really cried hard, but that you calmed right down afterward. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to tell you everything was OK. I know it hurt, pal, but we have got to protect you from any more infections.


Slow gain today — four grams — but at least you gained. They didn’t check your eyes today after all because the eye doc is on vacation. They will do it in two weeks. They may try putting you on formula for a while to see if that helps you gain weight. That makes me a little sad because I have been working so hard pumping for you, but they say you will still be able to breast feed when you get bigger. So whatever is best for you, little one. That’s all I want.


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