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2/5/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 81

February 5, 2011

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 1132 grams

Here are Molly (l) and Isaac huddled together in daddy's lap. You can see how much bigger Molly was at this point (338 grams, or about 3/4 pound). That was a huge difference, as Ike had just reached two pounds and Molly was approaching three pounds. Molly stayed significantly bigger than Isaac until their junior year in high school, when he finally caught up and passed her.


They increased your feeds today. Yay! We will see how much you weigh tonight now that you are getting all those good calories. No bad reactions to the vaccines, just a slight fever last night. They didn’t even give you Tylenol. You seem to be much happier getting more food every three hours. It fills your tummy and makes you rest better.


Dr. Cole came to visit today. He says no surgery for now. We are just going to play wait and see. It appears that your high blood pressure and heart rate are both connected to the PDA and ASD. The PDA also seems to be contributing to the size of the ASD, but you don’t seem to be compromised, and for now Dr. Ferrell is satisfied with your progress, if not too thrilled by how slow it is. Progress is progress. Dr. Cole thinks they should restrict your fluids, but that they could go up on your feeds by giving you an extra dose of Lasix now and again. They may also, at some point, try digoxcin to get your heart to pump a little harder. So keep growing and maybe you won’t need surgery for a while.

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