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2/6/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 82

February 6, 2011

Isaac — 859 grams

Molly — 1180 grams (2.5 pounds)

Here's Kenn again holding Molly (l) and Isaac in one of the ISCU's rocking chairs. Kenn had been unemployed since September and looking for a job. Along the way, he decided to buy a business (apparently because having two preemie babies was not exciting — or stressful — enough). After some research, he decided on a pet store. Our life was about to completely change … again.


Hey, Isaac, you had a pretty good weight gain last night — 21 grams. You are still quite a ways from two pounds yet, but you are getting there. Your Daddy has some pretty exciting news. It looks like he is going to buy a pet shop. It’s really neat, you are going to love it. It has all kinds of fish, tons of them — little ones and big ones and colorful ones. And there is a giant 1500-gallon aquarium. It’s practically big enough to swim in. And there are birds and gerbils and snakes and lizards. All kinds of fun things for you to look at and play with when you get bigger. You and your Dad will have lots of fun together, but you need to get bigger first, so keep eating. I just got to hold you for almost half an hour. You really liked it. You were even saturating at 100 percent for a while there. It felt so good to hold your warm little body next to mine. We gave you your binky and you feel asleep in my arms.


You had a great weight gain last night — 48 grams! Good job. I thought you looked bigger, I really did. And now you weigh more than 2.5 pounds. They did an EKG to measure some stuff about your head. Daddy said you didn’t like it. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but you kept trying to pull the electrodes off. You also have a habit of pulling out your NG tube. I guess you don’t like that thing down your throat. Grandma and Papa are coming to visit this weekend. I have to take your little Molly Bear t-shirt home to wash it so you can get all dressed up for them. Daddy has a surprise for you. He is trying to buy a pet store. You will have all kinds of pretty fish to look at and animals to play with. You and Isaac and Becky and Ian will have such a good time there. It will be kind of like having your own private zoo.

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