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2/8/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 84

February 8, 2011

Isaac — 887 grams

Molly — 1202 grams

This was one of the many notes that the nurses hung on the babies' isolettes to communicate with each other and with us.


You had such a busy day today, Ike. Grandma got to hold you for two hours. You did great! You looked different today and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I realized that your mouth was closed and that you were breathing through your nose. Jill had you all dressed up in your Isaac Bear t-shirt and they put a cannula in your nose so you could visit outside of your oxygen hood. You did so well on Grandma’s lap. We took a picture. [2/8/11 — I looked high and low for this picture, but couldn’t find it. I think we may have given it to my mom.


You’ve got all kinds of visitors today. Grandma and Papa, and Great Grandma Padala and Becky. They’ve got you all dressed up in your Molly Bear t-shirt and you are as cute as can be. You got all kinds of presents, too.

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  1. February 8, 2011 1:31 pm

    Oh I love that they had special bear t-shirts! Molly bear? Oh that is precious! XO

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