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2/11/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 87

February 11, 2011

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 1264 grams


Sometimes you've just got to laugh, and after 87 straight of visiting the hospital and our sick babies, we welcomed every giggle. This picture was one of the great series Kenn had taken to surprise me (see posts on 2/3-2/6 for some of the good ones). This one still cracks me up, and every time I see it I vow to submit it to the National Enquirer with this caption: "Headless man gives birth to premature twins."


Daddy held you and Molly together today and got some pictures of it. My family. You look so good all together like that. We were discussing your name. Isaac means “He who laugheth” and Edward means “prince”, so you are the Laughing Prince. I think we will have to write a children’s story about that, about how brave and strong you are.


Daddy came in and took pictures of you and Ike today so I can take them to Michigan this weekend for your baby shower. He got to hold you and Ike together on his lap and you both look so tiny in his arms. It’s going to be really hard to leave you guys, even though there will only be one day that I don’t see you. I miss you when I am away from you even for just a few hours. And it seems that you grown and change every day.

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