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2/12/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 88

February 12, 2011

Isaac — 925 grams

Molly — 1301 grams


This may be my favorite picture of all the photos we took during our 5-month ISCU stay. Here is where Molly starts to look like Molly. Her coloring was so much better, her strawberry blond hair was visible. She looked (almost) like a baby, a real baby, not just a preemie baby. At this point, she seem absolutely huge to us. I could see who she would become and that she was really, truly beautiful. She still holds her fingers just like that, and talks with her hands all the time.


They reduced your Lasix dosage to once a day now. You are getting all kinds of vitamins to help you grow — folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin D and a multivitamin. The doctor looked at your foot last night and it looks quite a bit better to me. He says it may straighten out all on its own as your muscles get stronger. You are growing pretty well these days, about 15 grams every two days. You must get bigger!


They are letting you take a bottle again now — whenever you are wide away and really hungry at feeding time. You are still having the occasional heart rate drop, but they say that’s OK for your size. Good weight gain — 37 grams.

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