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2/15/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 91

February 15, 2011

Isaac — not weighed

Molly — 1345 grams


Here is big sister Becky holding Molly for the first time. Starting in mid-to-late February, we began visiting the "family room" on the NICU, which was a hospital room that had couches and tables set up to look more like a living room. We could gather there with several visitor and have one or both of the babies brought in for a visit, while still be sure that help was right down the hall. I can't say these were very comfortable visits (everyone was pretty nervous), but we had been on the NICU long enough to know that being allowed to visit the family room was a graduation of sorts. We were getting closer to going home.

This day, February 15 is the only day I did not do a journal entry. After 91 days on the NICU, it was the first and only day during our stay that I was away. I went to Michigan for a baby shower, and leaving for that long terrified me, but it was such a joy to finally be celebrating them. In the days before the Internet, I had to hand carry and share our pictures for everyone to see for the first time. There was much joy and many, many tears. Our friends and family were completely overwhelmed, but I was feeling pretty good about things at this stage of the game.

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