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2/16/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 92

February 16, 2011

Isaac — 1020 grams (kilo mark!)

Molly — 1363 grams (3 pound mark!)


Happy mom, slightly bored big brother. That's Molly just a few days after my trip to Michigan. You can tell from this short journal entry that I literally ran in after my five-hour drive home to say a quick goodnight to them. They both hit pretty big milestones on the one day I was gone, but that was OK. Good news is always welcome.


Hi, Ike. I missed you so much. You hit the big 1000 gram mark while I was gone. I got all kinds of good presents for you at your baby shower. I have to go home and be with Daddy now. I love you, pal.


I missed you girl. You got so big while I was gone. You are my three-pound girl now. The baby shower for you and Ike was fun and we got lots of good stuff. I love you.

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