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2/26/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 102

February 26, 2011

Isaac — 1226 grams

Molly — 1534 grams


You can tell I'm feeling better because I am finally out of my hideous 90s glasses and back into my contact lenses. That, and the huge grin on my face. This was my first time holding both babies together. Underneath that ugly sweater, however, my heart was racing a million miles a minute, both in anticipation and fear of their homecoming. Around this time, a couple of other babies on the unit went home, and I saw parents turn into stone statues when they would walk in and one of the nurses or doctors would say: "So, how would you like to take your baby home today." After months of building relationships with our wonderful NICU staff, I started to lay down some ground rules. "You may not say that to me one morning. I need time, do you understand me? At least two days advance notice, so if the docs start making noises about sending anyone home, you tell me immediately." It was always a judgement call as to when a baby was ready to go home, and sometimes the doctors just made the decision on morning rounds. I knew that would send me into a complete panic.


Ike, you are doing so well. You have gained more than 100 grams since Sunday (today is Wednesday). You have got to keep gaining and learn how to take all your feeds by mouth before we can take you home, but you are getting there. It is sort of scary to think about taking care of you all by myself. I got to hold both of you together today for the first time.


Today we are going to have a big talk with Dr. Ferrell about when you might come home. They stopped your theophylline today. Now all you get is Lasix and vitamins. I held you and Isaac together today for the first time. I’m so excited. Daddy has to get busy and finish up your room. I look across the room at a new little 24-weeker and I see her on the ventilator and under the bili lights with all kinds of noisy equipment around her. I see how little and red and sad looking she is and I realize what a long, long way we have come.

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