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3/7/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 112

March 7, 2011

Isaac — 1476 grams

Molly — 1730 grams

This was the house we lived in when we brought the twins home from the hospital. It looks all ready for Molly's homecoming, just a few days away, but inside things were a little chaotic. We had to make all kinds of arrangements in preparation, including renting oxygen tanks (large ones that stayed stationary just outside the nursery and small, portable ones that we used downstairs and anywhere out of the house); and heart and apnea monitors, plus the consumables like hoses and cannulas. The wrong equipment was delivered first, along with adult cannulas. It was incredibly stressful. While we were lucky to get nursing care at home, we had to make all the arrangements and coordinate with the insurance company. All this was a crash course at an intense time and I remember feeling pretty manic.


Becky came to visit you today. I guess you were kind of crabby, so Jill had you in your swing, which you really seem to like. They gave you a dose of Lasix today because your hands and feet were pretty puffy. You are also doing quite a bit better at the bottle these days. Good job.


Becky wrote: “I held you at 10:30 and you were squirming and crying, so Susan breastfed you.”

They stopped your pulse ox today. Now the only equipment you’ve got is the home monitor and your nasal cannula. The Abby Foster people delivered the wrong O2 tank and cannulas today, so they will bring the right ones back on Monday [this was Friday, just three days before homecoming]. Daddy finished wall papering your room today. It’s beautiful. I hope you like it.

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